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Empower Users With Widgets

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The widgets give more power to end users and lower the workload of developers. Widgets are components that can be placed onto pages and they provide static, dynamic or interactive content, such as on-line form, list of the latest news, newsletter subscription box etc. Widgets allow users without technical knowledge to create parts or even whole pages without any technical knowledge.

Advanced Page Editing

widget content editing

Widgets give content editors the ability to modify more than a page text and images. The overall design of the page may be customized and any functionality implemented by a widget that can be inserted with only a couple of clicks. This gives editors more flexibility since they can make these changes by themselves instead of asking a developer to adjust the page design.

Personalized Home Pages and Dashboards

widget personalization

Widgets can also be used by registered website visitors to create personalized home pages or dashboards. Once the developers designate a zone on a page as customizable, you can add or configure widgets in it to create the content that best fits your individual requirements. Any changes are only visible by the specific user that made them.

Integration with Groups

widget groups

Just like for content editors, widgets allow the administrators of Community groups or Workgroups to customize the design and functionality of pages that belong under their group. This can be done directly on the live site, even if the group admin doesn't have access to the editing interface of the CMS.

Unlimited Possibilities

widget catalog

NGRPulse is delivered with a rich selection of built-in widgets that cover a wide range of functionality, including:

  • forms
  • banners
  • dynamic content

and much more.

The default feature set can easily be expanded by adding a widget based on any existing Web part. If required, developers can create widgets with completely new functionality using Visual Studio.

Flexible Configuration Options

widget security

While widgets give a lot of power to the website end users, your developers and administrators still remain firmly in control. All areas where widgets can be placed are defined by developers and every widget can be individually configured to determine where and for which user roles it is available.