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Wireless Warehouse and Barcoding

NGRERP's warehouse management functionality is fully RF and barcode-enabled. NGRERP supports barcode printing on forms such as pick tickets, packing slips, and work orders, and can print labels for products, locations, and pallet ID’s or license plates. In addition to on-demand barcode printing, all major warehouse management transactions can be performed directly using handheld RF-enabled barcode scanners. When using scanning technology, NGRERP can perform task interleaving, thus enabling warehouse efficiencies by directing the next highest priority task to warehouse personnel automatically. All activities are time stamped to allow for further warehouse productivity evaluation.

Wireless Warehouse and Barcoding Highlights

  • Supports printing & scanning barcode labels including raw materials, finished goods, license plates, location and bins
  • Supports barcode printing on all documents
  • Supports barcode scanning in all warehouse operations
  • Supports warehouse productivity evaluation through transaction time stamps