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Global companies face an exceptionally complex economic and operational environment that presents significant challenges, from managing global growth to sustainably reducing costs, from enforcing compliance to mitigating increasing volatility and risk.

Procurement organizations play a critical role in managing these challenges – and in achieving critical corporate objectives. Yet, Procurement organizations are challenged themselves with managing an increasingly global supply base, optimizing complex processes and making sense of data scattered across disparate systems.

NGR's Strategic Supply Management solution helps companies meet these challenges with a suite of solutions that connect disparate systems and teams to provide complete visibility and control over spend, contracts, service providers and supplier intelligence and processes.


NGR's Strategic Supply Management suite is a flexible suite of solutions that provide organizations greater visibility and control over global spending, contracts and suppliers, as well as related intelligence and processes.

The suite includes solutions for sourcing, contract management; spend analysis, supplier lifecycle management, services procurement and telecom expense management, which can be deployed individually or as a single cohesive platform.

NGR's Supply Management solutions help companies drive improved performance, capture sustainable cost savings, mitigate varied risks, improve compliance and directly impact the bottom-line.

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