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To succeed in an increasingly competitive environment, manufacturers are rethinking the way they operate by looking to gain higher productivity from their assets and adopting next-generation technologies that deliver flexibility. With industry-leading strengths in consulting, technology and sourcing, NGR helps manufacturers reshape their technology landscape to realize business outcomes.

In the enterprise of the future, the production line connects seamlessly to the front line, complexity is addressable with agility, and business value is realized both at the source and from sourcing. To realize this state, enterprises need to master forces that alter the pace of the industry's growth.

As the industry continues to undergo an ebb-and-flow cycle, conquering economic conditions, controlling rising costs, and combating intense competition remain imperatives for success. Driven to make an imprint on the leading edge, manufacturers are rethinking the way they operate by looking to gain higher productivity from their assets and adopting next-generation technologies that go beyond functionality to deliver flexibility.

Challenges and opportunities

Building growth momentum in emerging economies: When the going gets global, the global get local. Fresh investments in ‘core’ manufacturing functions such as plant commissioning, production, sourcing, design, and engineering are largely being made in emerging economies due to the advantages of lower costs, large markets, and customer proximity.

Bridging disconnect between plant floor and enterprise: Getting complex manufacturing systems to talk with enterprise systems is key to improved profitability, competitiveness and innovation.

Managing complex supply chains and varying demand levels: With distributed assets, supply chains are getting tougher to manage and disruptions can stall or slow down production and impact revenue. Reducing such occurrences calls for strong forecasting and planning, supplemented by highly integrated systems and processes that facilitate seamless information visibility across the enterprise.

Creating a sustainable edge: There is more to sustainability than conservation of natural resources — it holds immense potential to emerge as a competitive differentiator. To fully exploit this potential, manufacturers must focus on optimized value chains, cleaner manufacturing and materials practices, in addition to collaborating and forming partnerships at all levels — with scientific bodies, governments and social organizations.


Intelligent Businesses in an Intelligent Market

Today, it's not the big that beats the small; it's the fast that beats the slow. Manufacturing companies are facing rapid changes and tough global competition. New products and services are constantly on the rise and companies are vying with each other to meet the changing demands of the marketplace.

Demand-driven manufacturing initiatives with smaller order sizes and direct store deliveries are picking up steam. What matters most is how fast can the next generation of product line be designed and delivered to the customers.

We provide manufacturing solutions that help focus on growth markets across geographies and leverage ideas across industries. We also provide information technology strategies that help in product innovation and process excellence. We help gain efficiencies with our IT services and ensure that operations are fully optimized.

Automotive: As automotive manufacturers realign their operational strategies to maximize Return on Investment (RoI), they face multiple challenges across suppliers, OEMs, dealers, and trading partners. NGR's technology solutions and automotive industry expertise help find a competitive edge with a sharper understanding towards a customer-centric view.

High-Tech: High-tech companies must embrace new, innovative technologies in their products and quickly launch the next 'must have' items. NGR delivers solutions around semiconductors, consumer electronics, telecom and ISV enterprises – spanning transformation of product development, product engineering, manufacturing supply chain and enterprise collaboration processes.

Industrial Manufacturing: Industrial companies face global complexities and eroding margins. We deliver solutions in the areas of Industrial & Farm Equipment, Electrical and Electronics, and Diversified Manufacturing. We also help companies to achieve diversified manufacturing by partnering with clients to deliver end-to-end e-business solutions and improve time-to-market with increased collaboration and flexibility.

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