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Bill of Materials

At the heart of product definition for produced items in the NGRERP system are bills of material (BOM's). BOM's are primarily used for discrete manufacturing, assembly, and kitting processes in NGRERP. BOM's can have infinite levels and include pseudos, sub-assemblies, and phantoms. Through the engineering change processes in NGRERP, BOM's can go through version revisions. NGRERP includes where-used functionality for visibility to where specific components and sub-assemblies are used across all products, enabling rapid mass change processing. 

Bill of Materials Highlights

  • Supports infinite-level bills of material (BOM)
  • System maintained version and revision control with a fully-integrated engineering change order process
  • BOM’s support pseudos, subassemblies, and phantoms and can have an infinite number of lines of notes
  • Supports online review of BOM’s via single-level and multi-level explosion
  • Multi-level where-used functionality enables rapid access and mass change to all BOM's using a specific component material or subassembly
  • BOM’s are easily duplicated and updated for the same product or a new product
  • BOM’s are pulled into work orders for tracking and recording of actual components and subassemblies consumed or backflushed at standard
  • BOM’s support yielding at the top level or component level and rank-ordered component substitutes