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The NGRbON system is a fully-integrated business management platform for small and mid-market manufacturing and distribution organizations. Designed to facilitate industry best practices, NGRbON includes comprehensive software functionality to manage the enterprise’s complete business operations.

The NGRbON business management platform delivers fully-integrated sales order management, inventory control, warehouse management, procurement, manufacturing management, financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI), e-Commerce, and project accounting software functionality in a single ERP system. From CEO’s, CFO’s, and COO’s, to warehouse managers, sales representatives, and customer service personnel, NGRbON provides the software functionality required to integrate the enterprise on a single business management platform. Furthermore, NGRbON’s underlying architecture is flexible and configurable by design, enabling organizations to implement the business management platform to meet their unique business process requirements.

Unlike our competitors on the market, NGRbON is exclusively developed, sold, implemented, and supported directly by NGR. This enables NGR to deliver direct, unsurpassed business management solutions and services to its customers. Leading manufacturers and distributors select the NGRbON business management platform to streamline business operations, increase bottom-line profitability, and gain a strategic competitive advantage. Discover NGRbON.

Customer and Contact Management

NGRbON helps you maintain and grow your customer database. Have all your customer transactions and related information at your fingertips. Create custom databases to profile your clients. Attach documents to your clients and customer transactions.

Workflow and Process Management

At the core of NGRbON is process and workflow management. All transactions and stages of your business processes are managed through NGRbON. The design is fully customizable so we match your business language and processes.

Sales Lead and Quotation Management

NGRbON is the perfect tool to maximise your new leads and existing customer sales. Profiling of your clients and having the right information available to you in real time gives you the edge over your competitors.

Order Processing and Management

With NGRbON managing your order processing, you improve the efficiency of your order fulfillment by not re-capturing data, minimising human error and keeping on top of purchases and outstanding orders.

Invoice and Billing Management

NGRbON's powerful invoicing system keeps things simple. You have the flexibility to create invoices quickly whilst maintaining total control and a full audit trail.

Supplier Management and Purchasing

With NGRbON supplier and purchase management you will grow and manage your supplier database with ease. Various techniques and methods assist you in keeping this database clean and fresh. Maximise the impact of having your Supplier database with NGRbON.

Stock and Inventory Management

NGRbON gives you total management of your stock and inventory. Know your inventory position at all times and accurately report on your stock requirements and stock.

Payments and Credits

Payment and Credit management is a critical part of your business administration system. With NGRbON you have total control of your payment processing, outstanding payments, outstanding receipts and credit processing.

Document Management

Effective document management is vital to managing any business. Having information at your fingertips ensures you stay ahead of your competition. NGRbON document management links documents directly to your customers, suppliers and transactions.

Scheduling and Planning

NGRbON is a powerful scheduling system. All your company activities including all job information, staff leave, staff activities are available in various calendar and schedule views.

Task and Project Management

NGRbON is built around job and task management. Capture all your business transactions into tasks and everyone knows exactly what is expected at all times. Use statuses and task assignments to control delegation.