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Accounts Payable

NGRERP's accounts payable functionality provides an online voucher system that applies a controlled set of processes in a flexible yet effective manner. This automated process manages purchases and payables in a timely fashion and facilitates efficient operations, reduces data errors, enhances financial visibility, and improves cash flow.

The accounts payable solution supports a multi-level company structure, multicurrency transactions, multiple bank accounts, corporate cash accounting practices, and electronic funds processing. These transactions feed the general ledger via the accounts payable source journal. Accounts payable data is available for flexible reporting through NGRERP's workbenches and dashboards.

Invoice Processing

NGRERP's invoice processing provides efficient management, reconciliation, and payment of invoices. This functionality offers the accounts payable team real-time information and a means to review the purchase order, associated receipts, and invoice, and resolve any discrepancies. This automated process provides both two-way and three-way matching to reduce processing time and data errors, and eliminate over payments. 

Invoice Processing Highlights

  • Supports both two-way matching and three-way matching
  • Supports online routing and approval of invoices
  • Places an individual vendor, individual invoice, and individual line on hold
  • Tracks payment and discount information
  • Supports sales tax processing
  • Supports default currency
  • Scans and stores scanned invoice images for online viewing
  • Supports credits and adjustments
  • Links cost adjustment back to original invoice and payment
  • Calculates purchase price variance
  • Supports recurring vouchers
  • Supports periodic expenses

Payment Processing

NGRERP's accounts payable processing supports the selection of unpaid vouchers for payment, payment processing, and posting to the appropriate source journal. NGRERP supports payment by check, eCheck, ACH, and EFT. In addition to flexible check preparation and printing and the creation of electronic feeds for paperless payment processing, NGRERP supports voiding of single or multiple checks while providing a complete audit trail.

Payment Processing Highlights

  • Enables flexible payment of invoices based on various selection criteria
  • Supports multiple bank accounts
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Supports manual check creation
  • Supports payment by check, eCheck, ACH, and EFT
  • Verifies that checks were written by approved personnel only
  • Supports check voids by single check or by range of checks
  • Supports printing of replacement checks
  • Provides a complete audit trail

Vendor Rebates

NGRERP's accounts payable processing provides automated support for vendor rebates. This process manages and tracks vendor rebates by a percentage or currency value and can associate a rebate with a given customer account. Rebates can occur for an individual product or group of products. NGRERP automatically calculates the accrued rebate and provides online review, reporting, and efficient rebate check processing. 

Vendor Rebates Highlights

  • Supports rebates for any combination of individual products, product groups, or individual customers
  • Calculates rebates by percentage or currency value
  • Supports rebates by contract effectivity dates
  • Tracks year-to-date sales and associated rebate amounts
  • Supports rebate check processing

Vendor Returns and Debit Memos

NGRERP software has fully-integrated returns and debit processing. This process links the purchasing, inventory management, and accounts payable functions to create a streamlined flow of information for efficient and error-proof transactions.

Vendor Returns and Debit Memos Highlights

  • Fully integrated with the purchasing, inventory management, and accounts payable functions
  • Vendor returns can be created automatically as a result of a customer return and subsequent receipt in the warehouse
  • Provides the user the ability to tie a return to a specific purchase order
  • Provides return reason codes for vendor performance analysis
  • Returns can generate a credit or vendor re-shipment
  • Supports the generation and application of debit memos