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Accounts Receivable

NGRERP's accounts receivable functionality strengthens the order-to-cash process flow by providing a controlled yet streamlined approach to billing and payment processing. This fully-integrated solution offers the utmost in flexibility and efficiency for NGRERP software users.

The accounts receivable processing is fully integrated with rest of the NGRERP software solution, allowing an organization to share information with customer service and sales personnel. In addition to strong multicurrency and customer pricing capabilities, NGRERP includes a credit and collections process to enhance overall customer service and cash flow.

Payment Methods

NGRERP software supports flexible payment options to accommodate both traditional and online order placement. NGRERP provides efficient customer payment processing including cash payments, online credit card processing, discounted terms, installments, or any combination of payment methods.

The NGRERP software suite includes integration to major credit card gateways. This fully-integrated process provides the ability to pre-authorize a customer’s purchase against their credit card during order entry and confirm the charge at invoicing. NGRERP’s enables efficient payment processing while delivering superior customer service.

Payment Methods Highlights

  • Supports multiple methods of payment including cash, credit card, and EFT
  • Stores encrypted credit card information for multiple cards per customer
  • Credit cards are pre-authorized during order entry and charged at invoicing
  • Supports an infinite set of on-account payment terms
  • Payment terms can be a combination of terms, such as cash down payment with specified percentages paid over defined time frames

Invoice Processing and Cash Application

NGRERP's invoicing processing creates accurate invoices that include calculation of charges for products, services, freight, and sales tax while also managing commissions, discounts, allowances, and rebates. Invoices are generated in the customer’s default currency and formatted to their unique requirements. These transactions are then posted to the appropriate source journal in the general ledger, providing a complete audit trail from the invoice to the original sales order and associated shipments.

NGRERP cash application supports automated processing of electronic bank feeds, as well as flexible manual cash application through a host of inquiries and invoice groupings. NGRERP also supports corporate cash application, allowing cash application to be performed at an enterprise-wide level for a combination of business units and divisions.

Invoice Processing and Cash Application Highlights

  • Unique invoicing methods and invoice print formats can be specified by customer
  • Invoices can be generated and grouped by sales order, customer PO number, or customer account
  • Customers can be invoiced on regular intervals that include daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Apply cash to a customer account based upon multiple criteria to one or multiple invoices
  • Online review of each customer’s account status with payables trending over time
  • Automated cash application using electronic bank feeds
  • Corporate cash application process allows cash application to be performed at an enterprise-wide level for a combination of business units and divisions

 Credit and Collections

NGRERP's manages credit and collections in a real-time, efficient manner through the use of online financial information and an integrated collection call log. Accounting personnel have online access to critical information such as customer balances, outstanding invoices, receivables aging, and key financial statistics. This information arms the collections agent with the data necessary to resolve issues and obtain customer payments.

Credit and Collections Highlights

  • Provides central control over credit policy information
  • Provides online access to customer credit limit, payment history, and collection notes
  • Supports the placement of sales orders on credit hold based system criteria and user hold based on company policies
  • Supports standard dunning notices and associated history
  • Provides automated collection calls with customer information, associated notes, and follow-ups