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Catch Weight Processing

Catch weight processing is used by food processors and distributors to manage products where an individual item's actual weight varies. These products would typically be sold in one unit of measure such as packages or cases though priced by weight of the products shipped.

In NGRERP, a product's nominal or average weight would be defined for planning purposes. Customer sales orders would be placed for a specified number of packages or cases of the given item. During the shipping process, the actual weight of the product would be captured, and the customer would be billed based on this actual weight.

Catch Weight Processing Highlights

  • Supports recording of dual units of measure for inventory, sales, and invoicing transactions
  • Supports definition of a nominal or average weight per item
  • Supports recording of actual weights at time of shipment
  • Customers can order in one unit of measure such as packages or cases and be invoiced based on per-pound pricing