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Scalability and Performance

Performance without Limits

overall performance

NGRPulse platform scales extremely well in the web farm as well as in the cloud. With NGRPulse, you can easily deliver high-performance websites that are always on.

Unlimited Performance

performance in a webfarm

NGRPulse performs extremely well on a very standard hardware configuration. Still, if you need more power and scaling up (adding more CPU and memory) isn't enough, you can easily scale out and deploy NGRPulse in a webfarm. NGRPulse runs in a standard Windows Server web farm environment and it has built-in mechanisms for automatic synchronization of files and in-memory objects across servers. Based on our performance tests, adding a second web server doubles the overall performance.

If the database server becomes a bottleneck, NGRPulse supports SQL Server Merge Replication which means you can also scale out your database servers. It means you can achieve virtually unlimited scalability with NGRPulse.

Advanced Caching Options

performance growth with caching

NGRPulse comes with granular cache settings that allow you to configure cache for files, web parts and pages. The full-page caching represents the most powerful option as it stores pages in memory and serves them without touching database or disk.

Manage Large Websites

performance of small vs large websites

Standard NGRPulse installation was tested for management of 100,000 items (pages, articles, news, etc.) in the content repository and 10,000,000 users in the database. Still, we have clients who manage milions of content items using project-specific configuration of NGRPulse.