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Machine Maintenance

NGRERP's machine maintenance software functionality provides the ability to track machine maintenance intervals and be notified when a given machine requires maintenance. Maintenance management allows for the establishment of machine component lists and associated mean-time between failure (MTBF) standards, creation of standardized procedure lists, and the association of procedures and maintenance documents to specific machines and processes. NGRERP's production scheduling and maintenance management functionality are fully integrated, thus allowing for time to be reserved on the production schedule for preventative maintenance activities. In addition, plant floor personnel can immediately initiate machine maintenance in the event of machine anomalies and downtime. 

Machine Maintenance Highlights

  • Supports preventive or scheduled maintenance and non-planned or on-demand maintenance request
  • Downtime resulting from scheduled equipment maintenance activities is included in production scheduling activities
  • System notifications of preventive maintenance orders which require machine downtime
  • Supports entry of a machine BOM or equipment part list and on-line maintenance instructions
  • Supports creation of maintenance work orders and scheduling of associated maintenance labor requirements
  • Plans purchases of MRO items, which are managed in inventory and consumed by maintenance activities