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NGRERP the Best Cloud ERP for small and medium businesses

NGRERP is the Best Cloud ERP application that empower SMBs to stay competitive. Born in the cloud, NGRERP is a browser-based Cloud ERP solution that offers many choices in deployment, integration and customization. If you need help in financials or project accounting, NGRERP is here for you, from cloud accounting to other offerings. NGRERP suite include the core basics of accounting software with robust add-ons like distribution management. So rest assured, your Cloud ERP software needs are in good hands.

Financial Management

NGRERP offers fully-integrated ERP accounting software tools to manage all aspects of an organization’s financial management and compliance requirements. NGRERP provides a complete set of ERP accounting software functionality that is both comprehensive and scalable to manage a variety of businesses that range from small businesses to large, multinational corporations with multiple legal entities and divisions.

Customer Relationship Management

NGRER's 360° CRM functionality provides a fully-integrated approach to customer and prospect interaction. Unlike most ERP systems on the market today, which have CRM software as separate module, NGRERP CRM functionality is leveraged throughout the entire NGRERP software suite. In doing so, NGRERP offers a comprehensive 360° view of manufacturing and distribution companies’ customers and prospects.

Inventory Management

At the heart of NGRERP is a robust inventory management system that provides complete control over all inventory-related activities for manufacturing and distribution companies. NGRERP contains powerful functionality for manufacturing and distribution organizations to improve inventory accuracy, inventory turn rates, and order and line item fill rates.

Warehouse Management

NGRERP includes complete, state-of-the-art warehouse management functionality that supports standard processes such as receiving, putaway, picking, replenishment, and shipping. The warehouse management functionality manages both single and multi-warehouse operations with transactions being performed both by keyboard and handheld and forklift-mounted RF-enabled barcode scanning devices.

Procurement Management

NGRERP's procurement functionality enables single and multi-facility manufacturing and distribution organizations to manage all purchasing and sourcing activities in a single, fully-integrated ERP software solution. NGRERP processes requisitions and purchase orders in real-time that tie directly to inventory receipts and vendor invoices to enable three-way matching.

Manufacturing Management

NGRERP's manufacturing management software functionality supports process, discrete, and mixed-mode manufacturers engaged in make-to-stock, make-to-order, assemble-to-order, configure-to-order, and repetitive manufacturing processes. The NGRERP system provides superior functionality for managing advancing planning, production scheduling, material requirements planning, and production reporting.

Order Management

Manufacturing and distribution organizations leverage NGRERP’s powerful sales order management functionality to provide superior customer service. NGRERP is designed to accommodate order entry processes in both B2B and B2C order entry environments. NGRERP can manage regular sales orders, drop shipments, blanket orders, recurring orders, group orders, and counter sales.

Planning Management

NGRERP business management software supports fully-integrated planning processes for single and multi-facility manufacturing and distribution organizations. The planning process begins with customer demand, which is comprised of sales orders and forecasts.

Business Intelligence

NGRERP's business intelligence functionality is fully-integrated within the application. The business intelligence (BI) functionality provides real-time information presented in a variety of manners that best meet individual users’ preferences.


NGRERP's e-Commerce solution is fully-integrated with the NGRERP application. NGRERP supports secure, Web-based business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) transactions. Employees, dealers, suppliers, and customers can all access NGRERP’s data securely via the Internet.

Project Accounting

NGRERP's project accounting software solution provides flexible project management tools while maintaining a detailed account of a project’s costs and associated revenue. NGRERP automates project costing, scheduling, and billing for both product and service items.



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NGRERP – Next - Generation Enterprise Application

The tools that people use to conduct business today have changed. Business is everywhere, business is real-time and business is always online. The Internet and ubiquitous mobility play an essential part in the daily lives of the information-hungry global economy. The world has changed and with NGRERP, ERP has too.

NGRERP next-generation enterprise applications represent a game changing opportunity for business. NGRERP is designed for the way people work today, is built for business, yet is ready for change. NGRERP delivers business without barriers.

Gone are the technology barriers, integration barriers and accessibility barriers that stifle productivity. In their place is a newfound level of collaboration, visibility, and results. With NGRERP, our uniquely configurable global ERP platform, and far-reaching functionality, we are redefining the enterprise application software experience.

NGRERP raises technology to a level that delivers unprecedented Business Management and supports continuous performance through real-time, in-context Business Insight. At the core of NGRERP is an adaptable and collaborative Business Architecture that satisfies the needs of any enterprise—regardless of country, industry or device—to enable Business Anywhere.

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