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Budget Management

NGRERP improves organizational accountability by strengthening the accuracy of the corporations’ budget activity and by providing online visibility to actual performance against projected budgets. This improvement in budget management is accomplished by utilizing NGRERP's historical data to create concise, accurate budgets for management review and adjustments where needed. NGRERP generates multi-level budgets for standard sales cycles and seasonal patterns, and supports the entry of manually created budgets. This fully-integrated approach provides a centralized view of multiple-entity budgets, significantly reduces data integrity issues, and improves overall budget accuracy. 

Budget Management Highlights

  • Supports a base budget, current budget, and infinite working budgets per fiscal year
  • Budgets can be generated from existing historical data in the system
  • Budgets can be updated by values or percentages within individual periods, or on overall top-line values spread to corresponding periods
  • Supports accessibility to historical prior year budgets
  • Multiple budgets can be created to perform what-if analysis (best case, worst case, most likely, etc.)
  • Reporting can be performed on actual vs. budget across any combination of one or more of the base, current, and working budgets at a detail or summary-level
  • Increases or decreases overheads by entering a percentage for specific accounts or for groups of accounts
  • Supports online display of actuals to budget
  • Reports can compare multiple years’ actual and budgeted amounts