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Multilingual Content

Go Global with Multilingual Content

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Can your website speak Chinese? Having a website translated into multiple languages is the first step to grow your business to new markets. NGRPulse allows you to easily manage websites in any number of languages, including Chinese, Russian or Eastern European languages.

Highly Flexible Site Structure

With NGRPulse, every language version may have its own site structure that is completely independent from other languages.

Get Control Over Translated Content

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NGRPulse will show you which documents are not translated yet or which are outdated in comparison to the default language.

Fallback to the Default Language

If some document is not translated into the required language, the website can optionally display the default language version.

Smart Language Selection

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When a new visitor comes to the website, the appropriate content culture can be automatically displayed:

  • based on the domain name (e.g. would default to French version)
  • based on the browser language settings

UNICODE and Eastern Languages

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All content is stored in UNICODE and displayed in UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoding which ensures compatibility with any language, including Russian, Chinese, Hebrew or Arabic.

Right-to-Left Support

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NGRPulse automatically supports languages that read from right to left (RTL). A single web site can be created in both LTR and RTL language, such as Hebrew or Arabic. Also, NGRPulse editing interface works correctly with RTL languages.