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About Us

Corporate Overview

NGR is one of the leading management consulting, technology services and outsourcing organizations. Our business consists of using our industry and business-process knowledge, our service offering expertise and our insight into and access to existing and emerging technologies to identify new business and technology trends and formulate and implement solutions for clients under demanding time constraints. We help clients identify and enter new markets, increase revenues in existing markets, improve operational performance and deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently.

In this prospectus, we use the terms "NGR", "we", "our" and "us” to refer to NGR Technosys Private Limited.

Client Driven Process

Each client in our portfolio is unique, in terms of the industry, size, age, geography and requirements. We have to understand the nuances of each one of them to be able to service them. On top of this, our constant endeavor is to mesh seamlessly with our clients’ teams so that we can become an integral part of their business and a source of competitive advantage. One of the key steps towards this goal is to understand and assimilate our clients’ processes into our delivery, quality and measurement processes. Since every client engagement is different, we attain a common ground between the client’s processes and NGR's internal processes. This is the essence of our Client Driven Process.

We have an internal Quality Management System (QMS) that is very comprehensive and serves as a repository of processes, formats, information and guidelines. The QMS is an amalgamation of:

  • Industry best practices
  • Our experience over the last 10 years in remote execution
  • Learnings from our clients

Our QMS is a living organism that is continuously reviewed and refined. Our attempt is to incorporate these processes across all activities - from managing the Development Life Cycle, to tracking the status of projects, through to communicating with the client and taking “Corrective and Preventive Actions”.

When we start an engagement, we put together a process that we believes will be ideal for that engagement. This is customized, with the client’s participation, to completely fit the client’s unique situation. The resultant process is called the Client Driven Process (CDP). The CDP evolves continuously to reflect the learnings from the ongoing engagement.

We have structured our QMS to enhance its acceptance, its usage and its practicality to real-life situations encountered by our clients and ourselves in the course of business.

We take the best industry standards to drive our Quality Policy and objectives. Once the internal standards are identified, we define suitable procedures and work-aids to guide implementation, measure metrics, analyze for improvements and drive efficiencies.

Mission & Vision


NGR advances customer success by delivering unique best-value solutions, consulting services, and technologies that meet our clients' mission-critical needs - anytime and anywhere- and we create added value through quality, innovation, and partnership.


NGR will be our customers' most trusted industry partner, integral to their success. Our mission-driven company will be a strategy-focused organization, operating as One NGR. We will be valued by our customers, esteemed by fellow employees, embraced by teammates, respected by competitors, prized by shareholders, and appreciated by our communities.

Our Culture & Values

NGR takes pride in integrating its growing business with values that make its culture. At NGR we strive for customer delight, always. Every one of our values is aimed at ensuring customer delight. From customer interaction to customer experience, NGR makes strides in giving its patrons the most reliable customer experience ever.

NGR is about empowerment.

Every employee of NGR is empowered to make decisions to ensure that our customer's business infrastructure functions seamlessly. This enables NGR to retain its nimbleness in spite of its exponential growth.

NGR grows through collaborations.

NGR works in a collaborative environment to provide its customers' with a single point of contact for all their requirements. We work on all back end collaborations to deliver end-to-end services to our customers. This ensures that our customers are able to concentrate on their core business and leave their IT infrastructure to the experts.

NGR is knowledge.

We at NGR are endowed with resourcefulness of extraordinary kind. Both old hands and the new are respected for their ideas that are put into practice and constantly evaluated. We continuously work to build or further strengthen our skill sets in existing and new areas.

At NGR we brook no communication barriers.

The top in the management is accessible to both internal and external clients. We strongly believe in dismantling communication hurdles.

NGR's business model has successfully combined growth with profitability for its clientele.

Our constant growth is the evidence. NGR has always believed in finding innovative and cost-effective ways of doing things so as to ensure high profitability.

NGR is about business with integrity.

Discipline and ethics form the core of our business. NGR conducts its business with utmost uprightness. The company takes pride in its ability to honour its commitments, in letter and spirit.