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Web Parts

Build Websites Faster with 250+ Web Parts Out of the Box

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NGRPulse provides you with more than 250 web parts that cover any common scenario - from navigation menus, to repeaters and datalists, to module-specific web parts, such as Forum or Shopping Cart. Every web part is highly customizable in terms of design and behavior. It means less coding and more of you job done!

Drag and Drop, then Configure

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Web parts can be easily added on the page, dragged and dropped between web part zones and configured - all of that through the browser interface.

Use web parts in PHP


Web parts are standard PHP user controls which means you can also use them on your PHP page templates or other PHP pages.

Developing Your Own Web Parts

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You can develop your own web parts using PHP. Web part is a user control that inherits CMS Abstract WebPart class. The rest is simple.

Customizable Web Part Layout

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Most NGRPulse web parts allow you to modify the HTML code they render through the browser interface. It allows you to change the layout of various built-in dialogs as you need, without overwriting the web part code and risking conflicts during a CMS upgrade.