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Production Reporting

NGRERP's production reporting and shop floor control functionality offers discrete and process manufacturers the ability to record real-time labor and production data. Production reporting can be performed by employees in a variety of manners, including data entry with keyboards and touch-screen devices and scanning from tether-attached, handheld, and forklift-mounted devices. NGRERP's production reporting and shop floor control capabilities enable efficient data entry and organization-wide access to production data, supporting inventory management, customer service, financial management, and costing processes. 

Production Reporting Highlights

  • Supports capture of materials, packaging, and labor consumed and finished goods produced by routing process step
  • Manufacturing variances can be recorded and analyzed
  • Supports separate data capture of finished goods production and inventory putaway
  • Supports one-step production reporting for organizations that prefer more simplistic recording of finished goods with simultaneous backflush at standard of materials and labor consumed
  • Supports recording of machine downtime and production scrap for accurate costing and root cause analysis
  • Supports tracking of employee exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Supports lot tracking from ingredients through intermediates to finish goods
  • Supports serial number tracking from components through subassemblies to finished goods
  • Supports reporting of disassembled manufactured goods, kits, and assemblies
  • Supports production recording in multiple units of measure
  • Supports catch weight processing