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Routing Maintenance

In conjunction with bills of materials for discrete manufacturers and formulas and recipes for process manufacturers, NGRERP's manufacturing software functionality uses routings to help manage the entire production process. Routings consist of a series of steps which define the sequenced processes and work centers a given product must go through for its production. 

NGRERP's material requirements planning (MRP) and production scheduling processes generate work orders and batch runs based on a product’s routings. Individual routing steps define anticipated process standards, and can either be established as the amount of time to produce a given quantity of product, or as the quantity of product which can be produced per unit of time. Routings also include defined standard setup and queue times by process step. 

In NGRERP, a product can have an infinite number of active routings defined at either the organization or facility level, with a specified rank ordering of routings. In the MRP process, NGRERP uses product routines and other associated data to systemically create tentative production schedules by facility to best meet anticipated customer demand. 

Routing Maintenance Highlights

  • Routings support revision levels, version tracking, and effectivity dates
  • Supports routing run time by operation step entered as either units per time or time per unit
  • Supports standard setup and queue times by routing operation step
  • Support by-products and co-products
  • Supports the entry of raw materials, components, or ingredients consumed per routing step or operation
  • Supports unlimited work instructions and notes by routing and individual step
  • Supports subcontracted and outside third-party processing within routings
  • Supports entry of labor required per routing step
  • Multi-level where-used functionality enables rapid access and mass change processing
  • Supports entry of inspection and packaging processes as operational steps within routings