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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

NGR structures innovative Customer Relationship Management strategies for leading organizations. We leverage our robust domain and vertical expertise to ensure that clients can understand their customers' requirements and meet them successfully.

Our large pool of trained and experienced resources structures CRM solutions to help organizations address the challenges in the Flat World. We have made significant investments to ensure that clients achieve incremental benefits as our partnership grows.

CRM Vision

NGR monitors the changes in the market place and identifies trends that can have far reaching impact on CRM. We invest resources to track market developments and structure innovative solutions to address industry challenges. We showcase our thought papers on the latest topics in the industry and present them at international forums.


Manufacturers face a rapidly changing landscape as a result of globalization. Collaboration across geographies with service providers, contractors, partners and suppliers is integral to global operations. Manufacturers must adopt emerging technologies to efficiently create, capture, locate and share knowledge and expertise.

NGR provides solutions across functional areas such as sales, customer and account management, and retail channel management. We help manufacturers seamlessly integrate data and processes across different operational areas, customer quotes and orders.

We provide manufacturers a competitive advantage with a customer relationship strategy by deploying state-of-the-art packaged solutions faster and at reduced costs. We offer end-to-end solutions and services, from road map definition to post-production support on CRM solution.


  • Solution Complexity: Complex business processes make it imperative for several customizations in the solution being developed. Multi-channel integration and convergence of technologies add complexity to the solution design process.
  • Data Quality: Integrity, consistency and availability of data is a major concern due to disconnected legacy applications and multiple data-entry points.
  • Inflexible Processes and Inappropriate Function: Some manufacturers rely on outdated technologies and are reluctant to adopt state-of-the-art CRM packages.
  • Knowledge Management: A significant amount of knowledge resides with employees. Such knowledge is not documented or resides in outdated standalone systems and data files.
  • Change Management: Manufacturers have to overcome the organizational, managerial and political barriers that hinder the adoption of new technology.

Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

NGR offers end-to-end services including consulting, package evaluation, implementation, quality assurance, change management, support, maintenance and upgrades.

Our expertise in industry-leading solutions helps us deliver best-of-breed solutions.

We offer end-to-end CRM solutions in Sales Force Automation, Order Management, Sales Volume Planning, Trade Promotions Management, Marketing, Mobile Field Sales, Service Resolution, Master Data Management, Reporting and Business Intelligence and Integration Middleware.



  • Lack of customer insight due to disparate data sources and incomplete data capture (80% of business is conducted on unstructured information)
  • Very low success rate of trade promotions
  • Increasing use of new channels, including partner channels, with full service offerings including loyalty administration
  • Very poor loyalty levels

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