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Sales Force Automation

NGRERP's CRM software serves as a virtual sales assistant and provides an automated tool for helping sales representatives increase productivity and revenue. NGRERP streamlines manufacturing and distribution organizations’ sales activities into one centralized, cohesive software solution. 

The NGRERP solution includes complete sales force automation functionality which tracks incoming sales leads and opportunities, monitors pending activities, tracks ongoing communication, and displays the sales pipeline in graphical and tabular formats. In addition, NGRERP's CRM software is fully-integrated with the rest of the NGRERP software suite providing a comprehensive view of organization-wide information, including quotes, pricing, and order management.

Sales Force Automation Highlights

  • Supports territory management
  • Commission management
  • Enables sales force automation including automated workflow processing, activity management and automated reminders, and sales call tracking and reporting
  • Supports lead management and opportunity tracking across the entire sales pipeline
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Online quoting and proposal management
  • Tracks competitor data for competitive bid analysis