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NGRCRM is the next generation Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that is mobile, social, and gamified. our mission with NGRCRM is to challenge the way people approach CRM. Our project is built on an honest model and we are passionate about engineering the highest quality CRM on Earth. Our ultimate goal is to create a CRM that everyone will actually use.

Traditionally, CRM systems have failed end users. We seek to correct this. For our end users, our mission is to make the system intuitive, easy to understand, natural. Gaming mechanics, training and guidance should be embedded in the application so people can accomplish their goals effectively. We strongly value the feedback from you, our users, as your experience working with NGRCRM is the way we measure our project’s success.

NGRCRM is a fully features Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 'Cloud' solution. Its accessed through the web, all you need is an internet conncected computer with a web browser (like the one you are using right now), making it a truly Anytime, Anywhere, Always ON solution.

Whether you are in Sales and need to manage your Pipeline, Customer Service following Incidents through to resolution, or an Administrator helping to keep the company on track. Or just needing an alternative to MS Dynamics CRM or salesforce.

Unlike some of our competitors, when you subscribe to NGRCRM you get all of the features, all of the time, regardless of the subscription level. Our goal is to give you a tool that will help your business grow and that's why, regardless of your business size, you can take advantage of everything we do.

From our point of view, why wouldn't we?

Because NGRCRM is a Cloud CRM software solution whenever we deliver a new release, this is available for your system without any complicated upgrades, risks to data, loss of any customising that you may have done, the whole process is managed by our team of dedicated professionals.

All you have to do is sit back and test drive what has been added, simple.

One of the things that we pride ourself on is delivering a solution that really works, not bloated full of things that aren't useful in 'your' real world, but features that allow you to work faster, smarter and with clear business objectives.

Account Customization

Customize your account to fit your business. NGRCRM offers plenty of flexibility to support your unique sales process and gather critical information. You can even customize the appearance of the software to support your brand.

Activity Tracking

Stay on top of your team's activities. With custom activity categories, sales team members can easily log all their calls, emails, meetings, and more. You’ll always know exactly what’s happening, so you can drive improvements and encourage collaboration.

Contacts & Leads

Build stronger relationships with contacts and leads. With NGRCRM, you can nurture your contacts more proactively and qualify leads faster. You’ll become more effective right away and improve as you go.

Data Filtering

View your data any way you want it. Slice and dice information in seconds with flexible filtering and sorting features. Make changes on the fly with inline editing.

Data Import

We make it quick and easy to Data Importing from virtually any system, including Outlook, Google, vCards, Excel, and many of our CRM competitors. We also offer a simple web-to-leads API to collect leads from your website.

Deal Management

Close more deals more efficiently. NGRCRM organizes everything you need to know about each deal, helping you and your team accomplish more.

CRM Gamification

There are not many other professions that are more metrics-driven than the ones involved in Customer Relationship Management. How many deals were closed, how many customer calls done in a given period, how the customer satisfaction increased, how many people responded to the survey, how many eyeballs did we get? While these and many more metrics provide crucial feedback in the daily work, feedback alone does not necessarily guarantee motivation for those professionals involved.

Email Marketing

Effective marketing ensures quality leads are consistently entering the sales pipeline. Ironically, many sales systems include only the most basic marketing capabilities and companies must purchase and integrate a separate marketing application which, more often than not, is expensive and unnecessarily complex. NGRCRM is different: we consider marketing to be an essential component of a sales system and purposefully designed NGRCRM with integrated, highly useable marketing capabilities which can be utilized by anyone in your organization.

Mobile Access

Selling on the go is a fact of life for most sales teams. With NGRCRM, you can access your sales pipeline from any mobile device with no extra costs or application requirements.

Sales Goals

Effortlessly set and track sales goals. Unlike competitors, NGRCRM offers a simple mechanism for creating and monitoring sales goals. Rally the whole team to accelerate your pipeline.

Sales Pipeline Visibility

Stay on top of your entire sales pipeline. PipelineDeals eliminates unnecessary complexity to focus on making your sales team as efficient as possible. We deliver the insight managers need to drive optimal results.

Sales Team Coordination

Improve sales team collaboration and performance. NGRCRM eliminates redundancy, delays, and confusion by organizing all your team’s collective knowledge in one place and providing a framework for collaborative sales efforts.

Social CRM

Social CRM adds a layer of social communication to your customer management, so you can build better relationships with your contacts in real time via social channels like Twitter and Facebook.