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CRM Gamification

NGRCRM – CRM Gamification Becomes Reality


There are not many other professions that are more metrics-driven than the ones involved in Customer Relationship Management. How  many deals were closed, how many customer calls done in a given period, how the customer satisfaction increased, how many people responded to the survey, how many eyeballs did we get? While these and many more metrics provide crucial feedback in the daily work, feedback alone does not necessarily guarantee motivation for those professionals involved. More importantly, a pure focus on these metrics may prevent organizations from reaching the full potential of their sales agents, customer care professionals and marketing specialists. The metrics-driven approach may foster competition, where there should be collaboration, put too much emphasize on discouraging negative feedback, give no clear path of how to become better in the approach, or force agents to cure the symptoms instead of the root causes.

Gamification offers a more holistic approach for tackling these problems and – if well done – will bring out the best in the workforce involved. 

As We have been talking about it, Gamification is becoming a reality with NGRCRM. We are very excited about it indeed. This new and advanced GUI lays the foundation for the game engine that will transform those boring administrative tasks into a fun or even addictive experience.

Of course we don’t promote addiction. I worry what admitting an addiction to my company’s CRM would do for my office cred, but I think we would all agree it would be nice if we “wanted” to use the CRM more.

Why Gamify CRM?

Most of us agree that CRM would be a really great tool if we all just used it more. We know long-term it makes sense documenting the notes from all of those meetings. So why don’t we do it?  Fact is that short term incentives for logging in and performing these menial tasks is somewhere close to zero. CRM is a chore and no one is handing out prizes for using it!

leaderboard periods

NGRCRM’s Game engine tackles that head on by offering the user that short term gain for these repetitive tasks. But how will this work?  Those of you already familiar with the theme of gamification will be familiar with the idea of rewarding points, reaching levels, and achieving badges for performing otherwise undesirable actions.  NGRCRM includes all of those concepts, but we didn’t want to stop there; we wanted to innovate and do something new. These are some of the things you can expect from this release.

Gamification Features

  • Point allocation
  • General Leveling
  • Category Leveling
  • Progressive Badges
  • Game Achievement Alerts
  • Leader boards – weekly, monthly and overall
  • New User Profile Page

"Who am I?"

We are bringing 2 new concepts into the CRM gamification mix:

  1. Category Leveling
  2. Progressive Badges

Both of these concepts have us really excited.  Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Who am I?”  You could spend your whole life mulling that one over.  Now don’t get excited, NGRCRM's game engine will not answer that for you, but maybe it can help you some of the way.

Imagine you are in your CRM and have now achieved Level 20. "That's awesome," you say to yourself, but what does that mean? How did you get to level 20? Where did you earn those points?  What are your strengths?  How can you improve in order to get to level 30 or maybe you just care about leapfrogging Gary on the company Leaderboard?

"More than a game"

Category leveling and Progressive badges combine on the new User Profile page to answer these questions for both you and anyone else looking at your profile.  When you score points in NGRCRM these don’t just go to your total experience points (XP), they also count toward categories which level up independently.

It’s possible to have multiple users that have achieved a general level of 20 just like you, but you would likely all arrive at this point in a different way.  You may have excelled in the categories of New Business and Time Management, while your colleague Gary gathered most of his points in Communication and Customer Care categories.

Suddenly, this all becomes a little more than just a game, it’s showing me what I am good at and what I can do better in.  Thanks to bonuses built into Category Level-ups and Badge achievement, users will gain extra rewards by improving in a category that they might be neglecting and see themselves move up the company Leaderboard.


There are lots more we want to include and here are some of the things we are working on:

Ideas for later additions

  • Community rewards from your colleagues
  • “Rainmaker” awards for achieving set amounts of revenue from sales
  • Customized challenges for individuals
  • Team Challenges
  • Team Leaderboards