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NGRbON - ONE solution for all your business needs

NGRbON allows all your staff have the operational intelligence at their fingertips to perform at their best all the time. Picture how automating many regular processes will free up your talented people to spend more time developing new ideas and making better decisions.

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NGRbON for today and tomorrow's businesses

NGRbON is a comprehensive end-to-end suite for small businesses. From customer relationship management (CRM) to financial and supply chain management (SCM), NGRbON provides adaptable and agile solutions for real-time businesses, helping them address their important business challenges — today and in the future.

Transparent procuration

transparent procuration

The procedure of invoicing and stock handling and customer relationship management can be accomplished in one system.

Complex report center

complex report center

With the help of reports and registrations you can apply for all important data in a few minutes.

Safe data storage

safe data storage

Our software is developed to meet requirements in safety so you can be sure of complete data protection.

Provides accomplished appearance

accomplished appearance

You can create invoices of high standard with customized logo.

More efficient asset handling

efficient asset handling

Many functions help you windup your assets (eg.: pro form voucher, liabilities, list of assets etc.).

Secures development

secures development

The program enables a simple change for another software version with more possibilities without data loss.

Result centered

result centered

Our software facilitates the cooperation with your suppliers by enabling delivery note listing and special company group handling.

Effective connection with contacts

effective connection with contacts

By using the group email function of the CRM module connection keeping and creating becomes easy.

Efficient information flow

efficient information flow

Each client contact registration can be operated and the data in the system can be made available for the different company departments and employees.


finance management

Keep your financial information up-to-date.

Sales & Customer

sales and customers

Don’t lose a sale with bON's sales and customer management features, which include the invaluable order trending.

Purchasing & Receiving

Enable seamless communication between the office and the dock with our purchasing and receiving management.



Get an overview of what's going out and even change the schedule with the ease.


inventory maintenance

Full control of your inventory is always at your finger tips with the most up-to-date information.



An extensive collection of predefined reports enabling you to get the most out of the information that NGRbON captures.

Aligned procuration

aligned procurations

The CRM module provides global insight to the performance of your company and supports fast and reasonable decision making in business.

Prepares the decisions of executives

prepares the decisions of executives

The data collected from the registration in the CRM module generate detailed marketing strategy development specified to personal or company needs.

Client based, customized reports

client based, customized reports

The CRM module saves, collects and systemizes every information crumb related to either person or product.

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