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Business Intelligence

NGRERP's business intelligence functionality is fully-integrated within the application. The business intelligence (BI) functionality provides real-time information presented in a variety of manners that best meet individual users’ preferences. 

At the heart of NGRERP's business intelligence system is the fully-integrated decision support functionality. Through the decision support system, NGR customers can deploy dashboards and key performance indicators (KPI's). Additionally, NGRERP users can drill-down on the data presented in the decision support system to perform analytical analysis. The data presented in the decision support system is populated automatically from transactional data in NGRERP.

In addition to KPI's and dashboards, NGRERP includes workbenches which are consolidated views of a variety of associated data for review and action. Workbenches are created without modification to application source code. From a workbench, users can navigate to all other areas in the system to perform transactions, run reports, or drill-down to more detailed data.

Furthermore, NGRERP includes hundreds of standard reports and forms which were created by NGR using Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports can be used to customize standard documents and create customer-specific ad-hoc reports and forms.

Through this combination of functionality, NGRERP delivers a powerful and flexible business intelligence and reporting solution to manufacturing and distribution companies. 

Decision Support System

NGRERP includes a fully-integrated decision support system that provides robust executive information system functionality without the need for third-party solutions and associated data migration.

NGRERP allows users to select from a series of standard reports across all functional areas. Users can drill-down on the data in these reports across a series of data elements called dimensions. Dimensions can include elements such as organizations, products, customers, geography, and time with the data filtered based on the desired criteria. Data can be viewed in graphical and chart formats which can be modified by selecting the desired format. Reports and data can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation.


NGRERP's business intelligence dashboards are designed to make decision support technology easy to use, easy to deploy, and affordable. NGRERP's dashboards provide a consolidated view of data pertinent to the given user’s role within the organization.

NGRERP's business intelligence solution includes a dashboard environment unique to each user featuring reports, graphs, tables, and alerts. This allows users at any organizational level to have key performance indicators that are specific to their job function.

Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators, or KPI's, are scorecards that provide summarized information regarding an organization’s current attainment against its established organization-wide goals and objectives. KPI's provide management and individual employees with visibility to key data including overall profitability against plan, customer service index, and organization-wide inventory performance.

KPI's can be used to focus all personnel on common objectives and have ongoing visibility to organization performance. NGR customers can deploy their organizational KPI's through NGRERP's business intelligence dashboards via a variety of graphical charts and gas gauges.