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Sales Pipeline Visibility

Stay on top of your entire sales pipeline. NGRCRM eliminates unnecessary complexity to focus on making your sales team as efficient as possible. We deliver the insight managers need to drive optimal results.

Bring your sales pipeline to life

Home Dashboard

Beautiful 3D charts in the Sales Dashboard on your NGRCRM homepage show you where you are and where you’re going at a glance. Choose from seven charts displaying key pipeline metrics.

Receive a daily pipeline snapshot


Every day NGRCRM sends the Morning Coffee Report to your email inbox. This report provides an overview of the prior day’s progress and your latest sales pipeline numbers. It’s a great way to stay current and identify trends.

Manage everything about a deal in one place

Deal Profile

Each deal you add in NGRCRM gets its own comprehensive page. With 12 standard data fields and up to 25 custom fields, you can track as much detail as you like. Deal pages also consolidate all activities, people, documents, tasks, and events.

View real-time deal status updates

Latest Activity

From your NGRCRM homepage, you can see all the latest activity on your deals. Managers can see activity on all their team deals, and Executives can see all deal activity company wide. Click on any item to go directly to the deal page and get more information.