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Supplier Relationship Management

NGRERP features a complete supplier relationship management (SRM) software solution. NGRERP's SRM software functionality includes features designed to allow  the enterprise to interact with suppliers on a daily basis. NGRERP's supplier relationship management software delivers (1) supplier contact management with an infinite number of contacts per supplier; (2) the establishment of preferred, approved and potential suppliers by individual facility and product; (3) supplier contracts by facility and product; (4) vendor Request for Quote (RFQ) processing, including awarding business by vendor, comparative analysis of the responses from each vendor, and the ability to have each vendor utilize a specific URL to provide their RFQ responses; (5) pricing history by supplier, including volume discounts on a currency or units purchased basis and customer or customer-product specific basis; (6) vendor rebates by product or a combination of products and customers; and (7) supplier performance management to continually track and analyze a given supplier’s ongoing performance against a series of key metrics.

NGRERP's supplier relationship management software constantly monitors supplier performance based on metrics such as order fill rate, line item fill rate, on-date delivery, on-time delivery, and product quality on a purchase order and product basis. As a result, procurement personnel can review the full range of supplier information, and work with suppliers to improve overall performance. This process helps reduce the cost of products, improve the quality of received product, and reduce the likelihood of stock outages. This results in both significantly reduced internal costs and improved customer service and satisfaction.