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Interactive Marketing

NGR's marketing services helps you meet the new challenges of interactive marketing Achieving success in the rapidly evolving world of marketing means finding proven & tested services to emerging business and challenges. NGR's offerings provide a variety of services that help marketing organizations take full advantage of the new possibilities to more intensely engage customers and prospects. From email marketing, personalization, and event-based marketing to lead management and search marketing, NGR is helping businesses & marketers develop timely, relevant and responsive communications. NGR offerings gives marketing organizations the power and flexibility required to provide customers with what they expect today - a consistent brand experience across all channels. NGR provides robust web and customer analytics, event-detection, campaign management, interaction management, lead management, and marketing resource management capabilities. Marketers around the world use NGR's services to help address the pressures of increasing marketing complexity and of delivering more effective revenue and measurable results.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Marketers rely on email more than any other communication channels. But managing it is difficult. Few organizations have the resources to build the infrastructure and the expertise required to send messages and ensure they make it to customers’ inboxes. But outsourcing everything to a service provider also has drawbacks. Transferring enough data back and forth to target messages, personalize content and maintain marketing history requires much integration work and slows marketing responsiveness. Alternatively, using a standalone tool for email makes it harder to provide a seamless cross-channel experience -- not to mention the extra costs incurred.

Event-based Marketing

Event-based Marketing All marketers strive to target the right message to each customer. But traditional approaches focus on identifying the best customers for each offer instead of identifying the best offer for each customer. For maximum effect, offers should be presented when customers are most receptive. But determining the most opportune moment can be difficult.

Inbound Markeitng

Inbound Markeitng When a customer engages with your organization through inbound channels such as your website, call center, or point of sale, you have a golden opportunity to begin, or continue, a marketing dialog that delivers long-term value. To capitalize on every inbound interaction – whether anonymous or a known customer or prospect, you need a technology solution that allows you to determine, in real time, the most relevant messages and content to deliver to that individual given their prior behavior, response to previous interactions, and the context of the current interaction. Providing this kind of personalized and customized experience to your customers and prospects is no longer just a means of getting an edge, it is expected by today’s savvy buyers.

Interactive Marketing Solutions

Interactive Marketing Solutions It’s a heady time to be a marketer. You face constant change but also have unprecedented opportunities to reach and engage your buyers. To succeed, you must adapt your marketing to major new realities: Marketing channels are evolving at a breakneck pace: as, traditional and “push” strategies decline in effectiveness, it is increasingly difficult to make an impact Virtually every marketing channel is more addressable: nearly all marketing channels – particularly emerging mobile and social channels -- enable individualized communication. Your buyers expect messages and content that are relevant to their needs – don’t waste the 10 seconds that you have to make an impact Your customers are increasingly in control: customers can move rapidly between a variety of online and offline channels numerous times before making a buying decision, shifting the balance of power in their favor.

Lead Management

Lead Management Generating highly qualified, sales-ready leads is harder than ever. It doesn't help that most marketers are trying to do so using a mix of disconnected technologies and manual processes. The result is disjointed marketing, inadequate sales coordination, uninterested prospects, and missed revenues.

Marketing Operations

Marketing Operations In today’s rapidly evolving marketing environment, time-to-market and cost control are paramount to the success of every marketing organization. But working faster or more cost effectively cannot negatively impact the quality of work. On the contrary, marketers are under pressure to improve the ROI of every marketing program, ensuring that marketing invesments are allocated in the optimal way to maximize returns.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing Today’s customers and prospects are inundated with more and more marketing messages. To cut through the clutter, marketers must work harder to communicate in a highly targeted and personalized manner. The increased volume and complexity of campaigns this represents can be a daunting prospect for marketing teams already spread thin.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics Optimizing your online marketing efforts isn’t easy. You may have access to lots of reports that offer good summary data, but find it very difficult to drill down and "slice-and-dice" data to answer important questions about your site visitors. Without the ability to easily test and analyze your results, how can you understand personal customer behavior and optimize website and campaign performance?