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Product Configurator

NGRERP's built-in product configurator speeds up quoting and order entry and decreases costly errors by eliminating data entry errors and non-buildable products.

The product configurator is rules-based and can be used for both parametric and features and options-based configuration of manufactured and distributed products. NGRERP allows for streamlined product configuration by providing a simple drop down menu approach with immediate online graphics to show the user the configured product.

The online product configurator provides internal cost savings to manufacturing and distribution companies by reducing errors and overall time spent on configuration and estimating. This process dramatically increases the level of customer satisfaction by providing an intelligent sales force that is quick to respond to customer requests. The configurator is fully web enabled for Internet deployment and serves as an electronic expert that can help customers purchase products in a real-time.

Product Configurator Highlights

  • Parametric rules-based and features and options-based configurator
  • Configurator is available for use in quoting and order management
  • Elimination of non-buildable products on sales orders
  • Fully-integrated with manufacturing processes to create order-specific configured bill of material and associated routing
  • Online illustration of configured product for review and changes