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Email Marketing

Effective marketing ensures quality leads are consistently entering the sales pipeline. Ironically, many sales systems include only the most basic marketing capabilities and companies must purchase and integrate a separate marketing application which, more often than not, is expensive and unnecessarily complex. NGRCRM is different: we consider marketing to be an essential component of a sales system and purposefully designed NGRCRM with integrated, highly useable marketing capabilities which can be utilized by anyone in your organization.

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

While email marketing is certainly efficient it’s not always effective. NGRCRM gives you the capability to create and send targeted and compelling email campaigns which are more likely to resonate with prospects and customers. The WYSIWYG editor allows anyone in your organization to focus on the creative aspects of an email campaign most likely to appeal to a particular group of prospects rather than underlying campaign logistics. 


Email Tagging

With NGRCRM Tags you can easily group contacts, as well as any other records, in any way you might like so you can efficiently communicate or target email campaigns to specific types of prospects or customers. For example, you might want to group leads from a recent tradeshow so you can easily followup with them, or customers who have specific issues with a product so you can provide them the best possible service. Simply drag and drop any appropriate Tags from the Tag Cloud widget onto the contact’s record, or easily create a new Tag instantly.


Email Newsletters

Newsletters are an ideal method for building an ongoing relationship with prospects and customers and keeping them informed of news and developments that may be of interest to them. NGRCRM gives small and medium sized groups the ability to easily create and distribute rich-content newsletters. You can also track newsletter recipients and depending on their actions pursue them accordingly. 

Automated Workflow

Automated Workflow

Automating tasks increases employee productivity and allows you to extend the reach of your organization without hiring and training new employees. NGRCRM’s marketing automation, X2Flow, is an intuitive workflow designer and engine where you can leverage all the data in NGRCRM to model simple yet sophisticated flows incorporating a variety of actions and conditions. Drop down menus and drag & drop capabilities are used to establish ‘triggers,’ along with associated conditions which must be met before any flow is executed. Then the flow actions will be automatically performed, allowing your team to focus on the more creative aspects of marketing.