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Promotions and Allowances

NGRERP software supports the entry and online notification of product-based promotions, allowances, and rebates. Such promotions and allowances can take a variety of forms including product giveaways or order discounts. In NGRERP, an unlimited number of promotions can be established each of which with its own associated effectivity dates.

Likewise, an infinite number of allowances and rebates can be established and associated with a specific product or group of products. Allowances can be defined as either a percentage of the sale or as a fixed currency amount. At the time of invoicing, the NGRERP system automatically calculates and accrues applicable customer rebates on an invoice line-item level. Rebate checks can be issued directly from within the NGRERP system.

Promotions, Allowances, and Rebates Highlights

  • Supports establishment of promotions that include product giveaways or order discounts with associated effectivity dates
  • Supports an unlimited number of rebate and advertising allowance programs
  • Allowances can associated with specific products or product groups
  • Allowances can be defined as either a percent of the sale or a fixed currency amount
  • Supports automatic calculation and accrual of customer rebates at an invoice line-item level
  • Supports rebate check issuing