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Linked Documents

Easily Re-use Content at Multiple Places

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Having the same content in multiple sections of your website no longer requires duplicate documents. With linked documents in NGRPulse, you can have multiple documents sharing the same content. While you edit one of them, all the others get updated automatically.

Shortcuts in the Website Structure

linked documents content tree

Linked documents represent shortcuts to standard documents in the content tree. You can have a virtually unlimited number of linked documents pointing to a single real document.

On the live site, all these documents show the same content, while they are located at different places in the website navigation.

Easy Creation of Linked Documents

linked documents create

Creating linked documents is just as easy as creation of standard documents. You only:

  • choose the location where you want to add the linked document
  • create it in two clicks
  • select the target document to which you want it to be pointing

Overview of Linked Documents

linked documents overview

With duplicate content, you can easily forget about all the places where you have it on the website. Not with NGRPulse!

For each document that is either a link or has some documents linked to it, you see which documents are linked to it.