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Order Management

Manufacturing and distribution organizations leverage NGRERP’s powerful sales order management functionality to provide superior customer service. NGRERP is designed to accommodate order entry processes in both B2B and B2C order entry environments. NGRERP can manage regular sales orders, drop shipments, blanket orders, recurring orders, group orders, and counter sales. In addition to traditional order entry, NGRERP also accommodates Web orders, route accounting management, and incoming and outgoing order-related EDI transactions.

NGRERP’s order management supports an infinite number of order line items, which can include stock, non-stock, and direct shipped items. In addition, the order entry process supports samples, kits, and configured products. 

A key differentiator of the NGRERP software suite is that it supports both available-to-promise (ATP) and capable-to-promise (CTP) processes and automated alerts. During the order entry process, CTP evaluates key factors at a line-item level to calculate an accurate customer delivery date and offer alternative supplier options for raw materials or distributed items.

From the order entry screen users have one-touch access via hot buttons to any other associated information in NGRERP. These hot buttons can be defined on a user-by-user basis to meet the unique needs of an organization’s sales and customer service personnel.

Sales and customer service personnel can view the order status directly on the order entry screen throughout the entire order life cycle in real-time. From entry to inventory committing and allocation, through picking and shipping, NGRERP provides interactive alerts and notifications for manufacturers and distributors to manage order inquiries and order changes. 

Customer Definition

In NGRERP, customers are defined at an order-from level with an unlimited number of associated ship-to and bill-to addresses. Each customer master record allows for a sales view of the account which can be used for prospecting and tracking sales-related data within CRM. Each record also provides default values for sales order entry while providing a repository of key sales and financial information. Customer accounts can be associated with a four-tiered hierarchy of customer groups used for pricing and reporting purposes. Accounts can also roll-up into corporate parents where multiple legal entities are owned by the same enterprise.

Available and Capable to Promise

A key differentiator of the NGRERP software suite is that it supports both available-to-promise (ATP) and capable-to-promise (CTP) processes and automated alerts. While available-to-promise processing considers existing material on hand for both purchased and manufactured items, capable-to-promise functionality also accounts for inbound purchase receipts, supplier lead times, alternative sourcing options, and raw material, production, and labor availability. During the order entry process, CTP evaluates these factors at a line-item level to calculate an accurate customer delivery date and offer alternative supplier options for raw materials or distributed items.

Pricing Management

NGRERP supports a variety of pricing structures to meet each organization's unique requirements. The pricing management functionality supports various pricing scenarios including discount off list, contract, matrix, columnar, commodity or market, formula, unit of measure, lead-time, attribute, and volume-based pricing methodologies simultaneously.

Quoting and Estimating

NGRERP supports online quote entry for both existing customers and prospects. Quotes can include existing products and services and items which have never been purchased, sold, or manufactured. The quoting process supports quote routing for online approval, as well as customized quote forms. Quotes may be transmitted via email, fax, EDI, or printed and mailed. Once customer order approval is received, a quote may be converted automatically in part or in whole directly into an active sales order.

Promotions and Allowances

NGRERP software supports the entry and online notification of product-based promotions, allowances, and rebates. Such promotions and allowances can take a variety of forms including product giveaways or order discounts. In NGRERP, an unlimited number of promotions can be established each of which with its own associated effectivity dates.

Substitutions and Complimentary Items

NGRERP's order entry functionality supports the automatic suggestion of substitution, replacement, and complimentary products based on inventory shortages, obsolescence, and up-sell opportunities. Manufacturing and distribution companies can establish their associated substitution rules which can be global in nature or take into account customer-specific requirements for sellable items. Likewise, complimentary products can be displayed during the order entry process enabling the sales representative to present the customer the opportunity to add the items to their order. In the event a customer attempts to place an order for an item which is no longer available, NGRERP automatically places the replacement item in the order entry line item.

RMA Processing

NGRERP's return material authorization (RMA) processing provides a combination of flexibility and procedural controls for managing the return process. A customer return can be entered to return goods for credit, warranty repair, or replacement. This process occurs directly from the NGRERP's order entry screen. The RMA process is tied directly to the receiving and accounts receivable functions for complete transactional traceability.

Product Configurator

NGRERP's built-in product configurator speeds up quoting and order entry and decreases costly errors by eliminating data entry errors and non-buildable products.

The product configurator is rules-based and can be used for both parametric and features and options-based configuration of manufactured and distributed products. NGRERP allows for streamlined product configuration by providing a simple drop down menu approach with immediate online graphics to show the user the configured product.

Service Level Monitoring

As an integral part of a manufacturing or distribution organization's gathering and maintaining information on how it is serving its customers, NGRERP software monitors service levels automatically by collecting and analyzing information such as order fill rates, line-item fill rates, order change frequencies, and order cancellations. In addition, the system produces reports and management alerts to notify the organization of any anomalies in these service level metrics.


NGRERP supports EDI processing throughout the order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes respectively. NGRERP supports common inbound transaction such as customer purchase orders and vendor invoices, and outbound transactions such as order acknowledgements, purchase orders, and invoices. NGRERP's EDI processing supports both internal warehouse processes and those performed via a third-party warehouse.