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Engineering Change Orders

NGRERP's manufacturing software functionality includes complete engineering change order (ECO) processing for discrete and process manufacturers. Through the ECO process, a new version or revision of a given product’s bill of materials (BOM) or formula can be created. In NGRERP, the given engineering change can be routed through the organization for online review and approval for the promotion of a proposed BOM or formula to an active status. The new version of the BOM or formula would be used in material requirements planning (MRP), production scheduling, production recording, and for updated product costing. A similar engineering change process is used for the revision of production routings. 

Engineering Change Orders Highlights

  • Supports creation and routing of engineering change orders (ECO) through the organization for review and approval including on-line electronic signatures
  • Maintains version and revision control in product development and manufacturing
  • Used for bills of material (BOM) for discrete manufacturing, formulas for process manufacturing, and associated product routings
  • Supports infinite notes to be associated with a given ECO
  • Supports MRP planning based on applicable ECO effectivity dates on BOM’s, formulas, and routings