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NGRERP's warehouse management functionality supports the recording of incoming material receipts via standard keyboard entry and handheld RF-enabled barcode scanners. Incoming receipts can be placed into segregated inspection locations, directly into active inventory, or in cross-docking locations. In addition, product labels can be applied when such labeling has not already been included by the supplier. 

For those items requiring inspection, received material can be immediately placed on hold and applicable QC personnel alerted for further action. When lot or serial tracked items are received, NGRERP enforces the recording of lot and serial data at the point of receiving. NGRERP can then automatically generate applicable lot and serial number labels.

Receiving Highlights

  • Receiving can be performed against a single purchase order, multiple purchase orders, and when no purchase order exists
  • Receiving can be recorded via standard keyboard entry and handheld RF-enabled barcode scanners
  • Supplier advance shipping notifications (ASN’s) can pre-fill anticipated receiving quantities as an additional checkpoint for data integrity purposes
  • Supports automatic placement of received goods on QC hold on a product-by-product basis
  • Damage identification can be recorded upon receipt
  • Supports immediate allocation of inventory to sales order line items through receipts from vendors and intercompany transfers