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Substitutions and Complimentary Items

NGRERP's order entry functionality supports the automatic suggestion of substitution, replacement, and complimentary products based on inventory shortages, obsolescence, and up-sell opportunities. Manufacturing and distribution companies can establish their associated substitution rules which can be global in nature or take into account customer-specific requirements for sellable items. Likewise, complimentary products can be displayed during the order entry process enabling the sales representative to present the customer the opportunity to add the items to their order. In the event a customer attempts to place an order for an item which is no longer available, NGRERP automatically places the replacement item in the order entry line item.

Substitutions and Complimentary Items Highlights

  • Supports product substitutions, which can either be entered automatically or by prompting the sales representative during order entry
  • Supports prompting of complimentary products available for purchase based on specific products being ordered
  • Obsolete products are automatically replaced with replacement products during order entry