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User Proiles

Highly Customizable User Profiles

employee profile

Displaying user profiles is an integral part of every intranet or community site. NGRPulse allows you to create user profiles with custom fields, enable users to manage their profiles and even configure the visibility of personal data to other site members.

On-site Profile Editing

employee profile editing

With ready-to-use web parts, you can easily enable user profile editing on your website without any programming. The editing form is fully customizable and you can choose which fields shall be editable.

Users can specify their nickname that can be different from their user name and they can also upload their user image (avatar).

Custom Fields

user custom fields

With NGRPulse, you're not limited to pre-defined user profile fields and you can define your own fields of various types (text, number, date, file, etc.) and with various controls (textbox, HTML editor, textarea, dropdownlist, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. or even custom control). This can be done without any programming, just through the configuration interface.

Customizable Visibility of Personal Data

user profile visibility

The users can choose visibility for every field in their user profile and the administrators can pre-set the default visibility values. Personal data can be shown to:

  • nobody
  • everybody
  • only authenticated site members
  • only to friends


micro blogging

Using the built-in Message Board module, site members can post their messages in their profiles and create a simple twitter-like microblog for sharing their information with other people.