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Bad Words

Simple Yet Powerful Input Filtering


There are many types of text that should not appear on your website. Ranging from offending expressions to SPAM messages and links to illegal content, all these things may hinder the reputation of your website if they appear in your forums, message boards, blog comments or elsewhere. The Bad words module is a simple yet effective prevention from these threats.

How It Works


Bad words filtering in NGRPulse lets you define which words (technically any text strings) are considered to be unwanted on your website. Once a user tries to input some text containing one of the expressions, a pre-defined action is performed.

Filtering All Across Your Website

Bad words filtering is applied to:

  • blogs comments
  • posts in website forums
  • posts on message boards
  • private messages

Choose What Happens On Detection

You can choose what happens once a bad word is detected in user input:

  • remove the word from text without any replacement
  • replace the word with a pre-defined substitution
  • create an abuse report
  • submit the input to approval before it is published
  • deny input and display a warning message

Action configuration can be performed separately per each bad word. You can even combine multiple actions on detection of a single bad word.

Support of Regular Expressions

Besides defining bad words as plain text strings, it is also possible to define them as regular expressions. Regular expressions take the usability of bad words filtering to yet another level, giving developers the possiblity to search for patterns within user input text.