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Private Message

Send Private Messages to Other Site Members

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Private Messaging is a communication tool similar to e-mail. Its advantage is that users of your website can communicate on the website, without knowing each other's e-mail address and without disclosing the message to other site members.

Easily Communicate without E-mail

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Using private messaging, you can easily send e-mail-style messages to other users of the website. Your users can communicate using private messaging without anyone seeing the content of the communication.

BBCode Support

private messaging bb editor

Not only plain text can be sent via private messages. Support of BBCode macros enables you to add styling to your messages. The following can be done with BBCode macros:

  • links
  • images
  • quotation
  • code snippets
  • bold, italics, underlined, strikethrough

Contact List

private messaging contact list

On websites with large numbers of users, it would not be convenient to search through an extensive user list to find the right recipient. This is where contact list comes in handy.

Users can add those that they communicate with most often into their contact list. When writing a message, they can select recipients from the contact list in a few clicks.

Ignore List

private messaging ignore list

With the support of ignore lists, you can choose from which users you don't want to receive any messages.

Automatic E-Mail Notifications

private messaging email notifications

While private messaging eliminates the need to use e-mail to communicate with other site members, it is still useful to be notified about new messages by e-mail.