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Search Engine Optimization SEO

Attract More Visitors To Your Website!

NGRPulse helps you build search engine optimized websites that can be easily indexed by Google and other search engines, and as a result are ranked higher in search results. Achieving a good search result ranking is an effective way to organically increase your website traffic.

Editable or Automated Metadata

seo metadata

You can enter important SEO-related data such as the page title, description and keywords for every page or you can have the system automatically populate this data based on document name or other fields. You can also inherit parts of metadata for a given section of the website.

Friendly URLs

Every page on your website automatically has a unique URL that reflects its position in the content tree, for example:

As you can see, the URL doesn't contain any extra parameters, such as ?tabid=7498 that might not be understood by search engine robots (web crawlers) and that are difficult to read by users.

The extension of the URL is fully customizable - it can be extension-less, .htm, .html, .aspx or any other extension you choose.

Custom URL Aliases

seo url properties

Page URLs can be fully customized and you may include any required keywords. You can define a custom URL (URL alias) for any document if you wish to manually optimize it for search engines, regardless of its position in the site structure.

The system can also be configured to help you avoid invalid links. When you move a document or change its URL, the previous URL is remembered and redirected to the new one using the SEO friendly 301 status code.

Google Sitemap

seo google sitemap

NGRPulse automatically generates an XML list of accessible URLs for your website according to the Google SiteMap format. This sitemap helps the search engine index your site and improves its ranking.

HTML Code Optimization

You can use various other features to help your website fulfill standard SEO requirements. For example:

  • build CSS-based menu navigation that uses only UL/LI elements without any JavaScript and is easy to follow for robots
  • easily add TITLE or ALT attributes to all images and links
  • insert standard headings (H1, H2, etc.) when editing page content
  • automatically check that URLs contain only allowed characters and use a consistent case
  • eliminate duplicate URLs for the same content and ensure redirection

Web Standards Compliance

The code rendered by NGRPulse is compliant with the XHTML 1.0 specification, meets the recommendations of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 and it follows Section 508 requirements of the U.S. Government. Additionally, you have the option of using our unique output filter that fixes certain XHTML incompatibilities. The built-in WYSIWYG editor also ensures that any entered page content is valid.

This can be beneficial for SEO, as it helps prevent search engine crawlers from being confused by syntax or validation errors and leads to more accurate indexing.