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Lead Scoring

Identify Sales-Ready Leads

Following up with every single lead generated through your website may not be efficient. Your leads show different levels of interest in and fit for your company. With the built-in Lead Scoring module in NGRPulse EMS, you can automatically qualify your leads and provide only valuable leads to your sales team.

Easily Define Your Own Rules


Each business uses a different set of criteria for qualifying leads. The Lead Scoring module in NGRPulse EMS allows you to easily set up your own scoring system combining two types of rules:

  • Demographics - identify the fit of the leads for your company based on their profile values, such as location, title or completeness of data
  • Behavioral – identify the level of the leads' engagement with your company based on their activities, such as visited pages, downloaded documents or submitted forms

You can assign a number of points for each met rule and a threshold that defines how many points the lead needs to collect to be identified as a hot lead. The points may expire after a specified period of time or you can even assign negative points for any warning signs, such as when a lead unsubscribes from your newsletter.

Make Leads Available to Your Sales Team


When you identify sales-ready leads, you can have the system send the contact details to the sales team by e-mail or you can export the lead data into your CRM. NGRPulse EMS comes with a built-in connector. You can also enhance lead profiles with additional details from the database.

7 Steps to Setting up a Lead Scoring System

My Scoring

  1. Establish a consistent lead scoring methodology to rank leads.
  2. Build out optimal buyer profiles / personas.
  3. Determine the score threshold for sales-ready leads.
  4. Create lead scoring rules for each dimension (demographic, behavioral).
  5. Consider multiple scoring scenarios for gaining greater insight into level of interest in different products or campaigns.
  6. Set an expiration period for scores.
  7. Define the hand-over and follow -up process with your Sales team.