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Content Personalization

Personalize Every Experience

Personalize your web content and make your visitors happy visitors

To get more leads and conversions, presenting each visitor with the same website experience time and again simply isn’t enough anymore. Marketers need to deliver to each visitor the content that best matches his or her interests. Despite this, most websites still provide a single one-size-fits-all user experience.

Deliver the Right Content to the Right Person at the Right Time

Personalize a unique experience for each customer

This is where NGRPulse is a game-changer. NGRPulse EMS comes with a Content Personalization module that delivers the right content to the right person at the right time, based on individual browsing history. Analyzed factors include:

  • Demographics – address, age, job title, gender, etc.
  • Behavior – visited pages, downloaded content, purchased products, campaign clicks, searched keywords, etc.
  • Customer context – purchase stage, location, time of the day, used browser or device, etc.

Easily Analyze Usage and Deliver Results

Get in-depth web analytics that are easy to understand, and create content based off your most-visit

Website content personalization starts with having the right insight into what you should deliver, and to whom. NGRPulse EMS’s built-in web analytics module lets you track visited pages, identify the most frequent users, and create the most relevant content based on their interests.

When creating content in NGRPulse EMS, relying on developers to make every change is a thing of the past. Thanks to a flexible and scalable plug-and-play user interface, NGRPulse EMS lets marketers and administrators easily create new content and post it to a website immediately.

Define Your Own Rules, Your Way

The Visual Rule Designer in NGRPulse EMS lets you call the shots, your way

When using NGRPulse’s personalization features, you’re not limited to any predefined rules. NGRPulse EMS’s Visual Rule Designer makes it easy for marketers to define guidelines and rules for personalization and segmentation. Marketers and developers alike will find it simple to create new rules for a variety of real-life scenarios, regardless of technical knowledge levels.

Unlimited Flexibility for Developers

Using K# language equips developers with unlimited rule definition possibilities

With the Visual Rule Designer, you’re not limited to defaults, as developers can easily create new rules that can later be used by marketers. Developers can also write advanced personalization rules using the built-in K# macro language, which provides unlimited rule definition possibilities.

Get the Most Out of Every Customer Interaction

NGRPulse EMS provides sophistication, not complication, right out of the box

Simply put, NGRPulse’s Content Personalization module delivers out-of-the-box results at plug-and-play speed. By segmenting site visitors and customizing a unique experience for each, you jump on the fast track for more conversions, more engaged users, and ultimately, more revenue.