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Contact Management

Get 360-degree View of Your Customers

Get a 360-degree view of leads and customers

Contact Management helps you get a 360-degree view of leads and customers, and maximizes ROI through lead scoring and nurturing. With the Contact Management module, you have full visibility into website visitor behavior. The data gathered by the module can be used to analyze the behavior, optimize content, identify potential buyers and perform other marketing‑related actions. 

Reach the Right Audience with the Right Message

Identify your hottest potential leads

Thanks to rock-solid sophistication, marketers can use Contact Management to track the activities of both registered and anonymous visitors, allowing for a crystal-clear picture of real-time traffic and behavior. This results in the ability to deliver the most relevant content to the most engaged audience.

From there, the content and customer experience can be personalized with NGRPulse EMS. You can also easily integrate NGRPulse EMS data with external systems, such as CRM or ERP, to make sure all your databases are up-to-date.

The bottom line? With NGRPulse’s Contact Management module, you are able to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Track and Nurture Every Lead

Track every visitor throughout the customer life cycle, and nurture the leads most likely to buy

Contact Management in NGRPulse EMS captures all phases of the customer life cycle, from the first anonymous visitor to which products were later purchased.

Unlike web analytics tools that provide only aggregated data, NGRPulse EMS allows you to track every visitor individually – whether they’re anonymous or registered.

Get the Most Value out of Every Lead

Get a real-time list of your most engaged leads with NGRPulse EMS

Use the Contact Management module to get a centralized view of all website visitors. The module collects information about all activities they perform on the site – a page view, an article read, a file downloaded – and this data can be used to track campaign results, analyze visitor behavior, optimize content, and identify the hottest leads.

Deliver the Best Content to the Most Engaged Audience

Personalize content to give each lead a unique experience on every visit

Is your customer data spread out across multiple databases?

NGRPulse EMS Contact Management streamlines customer data into one all-inclusive platform, giving you a complete overview of individual customer profiles and activities. This will give you valuable insights into individual customer behavior that can be used for lead scoring, nurturing or personalization.

The Contact Management module tracks the activities of both your registered and anonymous visitors, presenting a real-time snapshot of traffic and behavior. This allows you to deliver the most relevant content to the most engaged audience at just the right time.

Identify Customer Segments for Better Targeting

Deliver a personalized experience based on segmented customer groups

By segmenting your contact database into smaller groups based on collected data, you can easily personalize content for the most relevant audiences.

This personalization can be based on demographics (location, age, gender, etc.), and behavior (visited pages, campaigns, downloaded documents etc.). You can send specific emails with personalized content to different groups based on selected conditions.

Multichannel Customer Tracking

Merge customer profiles from data collected across a variety of channels

NGRPulse EMS tracks individuals and their interactions with content across multiple channels, and uses that information to merge customer profiles.

By merging this information, you greatly reduce the risk of having outdated contact information for a hot lead, and you can rest easy knowing that nothing slips through the cracks.