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Inbound Markeitng

Increase the value of every inbound customer interaction with inbound marketing service

When a customer engages with your organization through inbound channels such as your website, call center, or point of sale, you have a golden opportunity to begin, or continue, a marketing dialog that delivers long-term value.

To capitalize on every inbound interaction – whether anonymous or a known customer or prospect, you need a technology solution that allows you to determine, in real time, the most relevant messages and content to deliver to that individual given their prior behavior, response to previous interactions, and the context of the current interaction. Providing this kind of personalized and customized experience to your customers and prospects is no longer  just a means of getting an edge, it is expected by today’s savvy buyers.

Learn how NGR’s approach to Inbound Marketing helps you make real-time, relevance a reality.

Specific Services

NGR's Inbound Marketing service provides everything you need to conduct real-time marketing:

  • Highly manageable, real-time decisioning logic: combination of profile, behavioral, and contextual segmentation logic and business rules lets you create and quickly modify interaction strategies
  • Self-learning and arbitration capabilities: configurable self-learning Bayesian algorithm combined with offer arbitration rules builds insight over time to help you determine the best offer or message to present  to each individual
  • Performance optimized run-time engine: Java-based engine with configurable multi-threaded processing. database connection pooling,  and horizontal scaling with runtime server failover maximizes performance
  • Role-based user interfaces (UI): distinct user interfaces for marketers, technical analysts, and operational managers of interactive channels deliver an intuitive user experience for all the staff who play a role in your inbound marketing
  • Insightful reports and analyses: reports include marketing performance analysis, interactive channel activity analysis, campaign strategy inventories, and deployment auditing – improving your  managerial oversight and marketing results
  • Integration with outbound marketing capabilities: an integral part of NGR’s  interactive marketing service is NGR Campaign; when combined with NGR  Inbound Marketing  your whole organization benefits from a single technology platform to coordinate  inbound and outbound marketing and  build lasting, high-value customer relationships


With NGR’s Inbound Marketing service, you can:

  • Increase the value of every inbound interaction – anonymous or known – by combining what you know about the individual with what you're gleaning in real time to determine the best message and content to deliver
  • Integrate your activities in a single application across all inbound channels  because NGR’s Inbound Marketing service is one of the only solutions available that supports all inbound marketing channels – from your website and kiosks to your call center and point-of-sale to your social and mobile channels
  • Fuse the power of inbound and outbound marketing activities by combining effective inbound channel dialogues with outbound marketing strategies
  • Optimize relationships, not just response rates by identifying the state of a customer’s relationship and determining the most engaging treatment options
  • Increase flexibility and lower your total cost of ownership by leveraging a reusable central offer repository and easy-to-use GUI to create sophisticated real-time targeting strategies that you can define, modify, and deploy quickly without reliance on IT resources
  • NGR helps you to increase the value of every inbound interaction.