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Why NGR for Marketing Performance Optimization?

NGR's Marketing Performance Optimization provides a strategic bottom-up approach to marketing performance management and planning. Using a shared framework, marketers can easily monetize approved marketing plans and programs. Once the budget has been approved, project managers can engage other groups needed for project success. And by aggregating projects and their costs across quarters and years, executive planners can better plan and optimize their marketing spending. Available through an enterprise software or on-demand deployment model, NGR EMM provides everything marketers need to better manage their marketing operations, by:

Driving Marketing Efficiency:

  • Achieve faster, lower-cost execution of all marketing activities with centralized project schedules and assets, automated approvals, balanced workloads and reduced bottlenecks
  • Deliver a strategic plan for establishing and communicating marketing objectives, defining activities to achieve them, managing execution, and tracking and analyzing results
  • Help marketers manage budgets and expenses to meet their own needs and the needs of other stakeholders
  • Ensure compliance with a centralized repository that combines online audit trails and easily produced reports for corporate or regulatory auditors
  • Manage the complete lifecycle for key campaign elements such as offers and target cells, including creation, approvals, publishing and retirement - all integrated into NGR Campaign
  • Centralize strategic goals, marketing plans and budgets to promote clarity of agreed-upon objectives and tactics

Driving Marketing Effectiveness:

  • Analyze the effectiveness of different marketing programs and channels through modeled attribution, and plan where marketing spending should be routed
  • Develop a cross-channel interaction repository that manages all campaign contacts/tactics and responses, from digital to offline
  • Optimize performance of marketing spending, resources, and marketing assets through performance- based reports and analysis
  • Understand the effectiveness of marketing spend across campaigns and channels, and using these insights to deliver high value, high return marketing