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Why NGR for Digital Marketing Optimization?

With the need to respond quickly and effectively to capture and retain the attention of customers, leading marketers draw on NGR’s solution to measure, analyze, design, automate, and optimize digital marketing efforts in real time — not just at scale, but also on a one-to-one level to provide relevant content and recommendations.

The NGR Digital Marketing Optimization solution makes it practical to garner insights from web analytics and digital customer profiles and with a few clicks turn them into personalized marketing campaigns by means of website, mobile, email, and other digital channels. The integration with NGR”s Cross-Channel Marketing Optimization solution, ready for immediate use, opens the path for combining online and offline insights for the purpose of driving targeted marketing action for all channels.

NGR’s Digital Marketing Optimization solution allows marketers to:

  • Ensure that your digital presence meets the needs of your customers by understanding how visitors are interacting with your web, mobile, and social presences by deploying NGR’s industry-leading web analytics solutions on your own premises or through the cloud (SaaS).
  • Monitor and optimize the performance of your digital marketing efforts with A/B testing, real-time reporting, and deep power-user analysis to uncover opportunities and take immediate action with a flexible, easy-to-use system
  • Effectively allocate interactive marketing spend by understanding the incremental performance of each online channel using built-in and industry-leading digital marketing attribution analytics
  • Uncover opportunities for growth and areas for improvement with competitive intelligence about the performance of your peers and competitors
  • Maximize the lifetime value of each customer by identifying and automating up-sell, cross-sell and retargeting programs with built-in campaign management and digital marketing execution capabilities
  • Further extend the digital dialog and customer insights into all marketing channels by using the included integration with NGR’s Cross-Channel Marketing Optimization solution
  • Improve marketing efficiency with personalized digital recommendations for products and site content
  • Save IT effort and increase marketing agility by managing data collection tags for NGR and third-party solutions using a built-in tag management solution