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A weblog is an online, semi-personal journal offering the opinion and commentary of the authors.

Our blogs feature thought leadership on a wide range of business issues, with a particular focus on helping companies grow. Here you'll also find blogs about emerging technologies and career experiences from select employees. The opinions of the writers do not necessarily reflect the position of NGR on these subjects.

Cyber Monday, The Cloud and Mobile will make Black Friday a thing of the past

On Black Friday last year, 308 million people braved the crowds and the chaos at brick and mortar retail stores. $59.1 billion was spent throughout that weekend and $11.4 billion ended up being spent just on Black Friday 2012. This number is projected to increase by 3.1% in 2013. That’s a lot of commerce going on. Oh, and only 47% of the shoppers said they actually enjoyed it.  So how will anything make shopping like that ever disappear?

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Web Experience Management for the Content Connected Enterprise

Learn how your organization can have Web Content and Experience Management that fits in to its overall content management strategy in a way that allows your teams to "work the way they do, using the tools they use today," so users aren't forced to use alternatives that don't fit the company's IT strategy.

As a massive amount of web content is produced on a daily basis, it's no surprise that consumers are demanding a custom, personalized experience when they interact with your website in order to help weed through and digest information. If they frequent your site, they may expect it will recognize them and display content relevant to them. Visitors also expect that your site will have extensive features and functionality no matter what device they are viewing it on.

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Enterprise's Marketing Engine

Engagement with customers and potential clients through digital marketing is easy to say but hard to achieve. There are numerous techniques that have emerged and digital marketers need most of them in order to develop a successful strategy for their enterprise.

Just as crucial as a modern car's engine, a modern Web CMS is serves as the motor and heart of every enterprise that wants to succeed with digital marketing. All of the planning and execution of digital marketing can be more efficient and effective.

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How to Achieve a Smartly Distributed Digital Marketing Presence

Today, either your enterprise builds a resilient digital presence or it will not exist in your target’s mind. If your business does not have a widely distributed, multi-channel digital marketing presence, then your organization is probably undetected, unnoticed, unobserved and unperceived.

Let’s be honest, the market is tough and competitors are everywhere. Companies are investing more now than ever on digital marketing efforts to enhance their marketing strategy and brand awareness.

There are plenty of digital marketing tools for enterprises to build an online balanced marketing presence. Of course, having a smartly distributed brand presence through a cross-channel environment with consistency is key for reaching targeted consumers.

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How To Take Your Company Online

A few days back, one of my friends asked me to help him figure out, how he could send emails to his customers using an address like This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Even I was not aware of how to do such a thing, when I joined this company 10 months back. Thanks to working on NGR Technosys, I was able to help my friend. He was relieved to find that establishing such an email address was very easy and cheap. And he could maintain it on his own.

Further, he wanted to send a marketing email to his customers every month and ensure that it gets delivered. His eyes lit up when I told him, that he could not only track, if the email got delivered, but also track which link (if any) were clicked by the users. This statistics could help him gauge the interest of his customers and help him do better marketing.

As his interest grew, I realized that many businesses have similar desires and difficulties, when it comes to creating an online presence. Hence, I am listing here, an overview to take your company online, the way NGR did (with some improvements).

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Here are 5 things that you should do with your B2B website

Many B2B companies view their website as digital fronts for their promotional material and so, they create sites which contain their product information and do not bother with anything else beyond that. That’ s a huge mistake. More and more B2B buyers are spending time online to research product information. by online, I mean spending time on search engine results and not social media. Why not make product information available to B2B buyers in a format that would encourage more time spent on your site than having them go elsewhere?

Many companies have their websites developed by their IT department with little involvement by Marketing. If that’s the case with your company, immediately extract your best online selling tool from the hands of bureaucratic IT departments and hand over the site to Marketing who should plan and drive the website going forward.

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Twelve Guidelines That Successful Websites Practice

How crucial is it for your organization to have a professional web presence? The reply to that query is a resounding YES! Your organization’s website is definitely one of the most essential marketing communications tools you should have. It is definitely working for you. It’s a representative that’s accessible 24 hours, 7 days every week and often the foremost place a prospect gets information about your organization or products. However, what does your current website say about your organization?

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