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Sales And Silliness- Part II

There is something called 'Life after Office' thought Sandhya. She resolved to change her lifestyle. She realised that she gets so engrossed in her work, that lately she had begun collecting payments in her dreams. To change the current scenario, Sandhya accepted the idea of trying out ERP to ease her workload.

With a stern resolve she opened the ERP's user manual. The manual said ERP is like Exercise. It is painful in the short run; but, will do wonders in the long run. Exercise! the word sent her in a tizzy. She remembered paying her gym fees and not being able to continue. The ERP manual had touched the wrong chord. She closed the manual.

The IT department had installed ERP on her system. The user manual stared at her from the table. She had no time to pick it up. She left for her appointments. After finishing her calls she decided to figure out ERP. She failed to understand that setting up an ERP system and feeding data in it was not an after office job. It required dedicated time and focused application. After typing some customer addresses she was tired. It was lot of work. She went home.

Over the couple of days she tried figuring how to upload data in bulk. It was a big pain. The setup was taking lot of her precious time. She began having doubts about this ERP. It was like an empty swimming pool that took a long time to fill. She wished she could take a dip soon. All her anger and frustration was directed at B-the ERP Champion. She decided to play a prank on B.

B had inducted himself successfully in the organisation. He talked freely and carried the smile of a cat that swallowed the canary. Although he was well-versed with the office dynamics, there were a few things he was yet to fathom. Sandhya knew that their office had a fire alarm which was faulty; So did most of the employees. The office boys were Sandhya’s well-wishers. She was always polite to them and spoke their language. Sandhya made a plan.

On one fine Thursday afternoon, when the office staff was quietly working, the  FIRE ALARM RANG! B thought it was a real threat. He jumped out of his chair, climbed on his table,crossed the side-table and ran out of his cabin. 56 people on the floor just stared at him while he ran for his life. Nobody else moved. All of them knew the alarm was faulty. After twenty minutes of waiting outside, B realised nobody had stepped out of the office. He meekly came back. The sales manager went to him and said, "Ye toh aise hi bajta hai, bhagne ka nahi".

Sandhya’s prank gave her a lot of satisfaction; however, she felt sorry for B. In Fact, she felt so guilty that she decided to seriously apply herself towards using ERP, for her day-to-day transactions. A dedicated attitude resolves major hurdles in ERP Installation. She read the documentation carefully.  After initial hiccups her system started working seamlessly. She began making her sales orders on ERP. Most of her emails were sent automatically by the system. B had assigned her sales territories in ERP and thus her leads were not visible to other sales employees. B had also set her user permissions in a way that nobody could tamper with her data.

Guilt drove Sandhya to embrace ERP. In the end though, she was the benefactor. ERP gave her that extra time . She did get a 'life after office'. B and his ERP became her real heroes.

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Monday, 08 March 2021